Why Study Abroad? 7 Reasons to Get International Experience

Sep 13, 2021

There are several reasons why study abroad experiences are in high demand among college students. Does the prospect of traveling internationally in college sound intriguing to you?

Through ENC there are many opportunities to travel to other parts of the country or out of the country, to expand your horizons and learn about new things. 

But it might feel overwhelming to take what feels like such a big leap.

“Where would I go? What would I do? Could I really handle it?”

If these kinds of questions are on your mind, read on to get a better idea of what to expect as you consider these seven incredible benefits of studying abroad.

7 Reasons Why Study Abroad Experiences Are Worth Considering

College is the perfect period in life to see new places and gather knowledge and experience along the way.

1. It’s a Good Time in Your Life to Travel

College may be a blast, but it’s also a uniquely perfect time in many people’s lives to go on an extended trip. 

After you graduate and join the workforce, long trips to faraway places are generally just not possible. Though vacations may be fun, anything longer than that won’t fit in with your new responsibilities as an employee. 

But before you graduate you have a great deal more freedom to explore the world. Universities understand and are excited to help facilitate and accommodate your study abroad aspirations. 

That’s why over 340,000 students study abroad each year!

Whether you go somewhere for a summer, a semester, or a year, college is the perfect time to go.

2. Your Trip Will Have Some Structure

Another benefit of studying abroad during college is that your trip has some structure to it and you have guidance when you need it. 

Organizing your own travel can feel like way too much work. 

You have to decide where to stay, where to eat, what to see, how to get from place to place. You might be consulting websites, travel books, and friends for information. But ultimately, you are responsible for every detail of your trip. 

The pre-planned structure is a big reason why study abroad experiences are far less stressful.

Questions like how to fill up your day, and where you’ll live, are answered by the program you’re in. But you still have a lot of freedom to do what you want and guide your own experience, just like you would on your home campus. 

3. Study What You Love in Context

Imagine studying theology on the lawns of Oxford. Or learning about wildlife in their natural habitat in Australia. Gaining the tools to become a film producer on set in Los Angeles. 

These are the types of connections that study abroad is perfect for – putting you in the best context for your ideas to develop and grow. 

And all three of these programs are actually offered through ENC’s partnership with the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities Program. 

This partnership facilitates study abroad opportunities for ENC, and offers students a cultural immersion experience that maintains the faith-centered values of ENC. 

4. Get Fluent in Another Language

Learning a language is hard, and using vocabulary flashcards and memorizing grammar tables can feel tedious after a while. No one studies a language for the joy of flipping through flashcards. You learn a language to speak it, to connect with people.

Immersion learning is considered by many the best way to learn a second language. This is largely because being immersed in another language gives you the most exposure to a variety of vocabulary and grammar so you can learn how that language works. 

If you are studying a language in college, a study abroad opportunity is perfect for cementing your knowledge and helping you to grow into fluency with your target language. 

Immersion can be helpful for learners of all levels. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been studying for years, the sheer range of languages you’re exposed to can help you make your next language steps. 

5. Employers Like International Experience

If you’re worried that your future employers will see a semester abroad as a vacation and not real work, think again. In many cases, employers actually seek out students with experience studying abroad. 

This can be especially useful if you’re interested in a career path that will take you around the world, or require that you interact with other cultures. Travel agents, international businesspeople, hospitality workers, and other such individuals stand to gain the most with regard to future employment. 

Employers also value international experience because students who study abroad are more likely to be engaged in civic and international issues and more likely to show strong leadership

In this capacity you can also take advantage of ENC’s partnership with the International Business Institute which offers students in economics, business management, and related fields the opportunity to gain experience in their field while overseas. 

6. Interact With a New Culture

Another benefit of spending time in another city or a foreign country is that you can participate in cultural exchange. 

Cultural exchange is when people from different backgrounds are able to come together and share their unique backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. 

It’s especially important that we learn skills like these in an increasingly interconnected and multicultural world. Learning to find common ground with people who are different from you isn’t just important when you’re in a foreign country. It’s important at home as well. 

7. Grow in Independence

Being on your own in a new place might seem scary, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Learning to push ourselves to try new things and grow is an important part of life, and an important part of college life especially. 

But of course, even staying on campus in Boston while you’re enrolled at ENC can be a test of your growing independence and resourcefulness. That will also help you grow as much as any study abroad program will. 

And what better place to learn than the Boston area?

Boston is full of opportunities for you to explore just like any city overseas with museums, cultural centers, a rich history, and a bustling community of students. 

Why Study Abroad with ENC?

Choosing where in the world you want to go to explore your interests is part of the decision you have to make. It’s just as important to choose the right “home base” to send you out into the world and support you on your journey.

Let Eastern Nazarene College be that home base for you!

As a Christ-centered college in the Boston area, and with a wide variety of course offerings, ENC is eager to send you out into the world and prepare you for a deeply fulfilling life.

To learn more about ENC, just get in touch with us. We’re excited to chat with you about all the places you feel called to go.