9 Tips to Plan a Successful Career – Starting as a Freshman

Nov 27, 2021

College is a time of exponential growth and development. While you explore your personal talents and build professional skills, it’s important to remain focused on your goals and plan your future career.

The resources and opportunities for professional development available in college are everywhere. Read on to discover how to take full advantage of the support available.

1. Explore careers that interest you

Explore job resources like What Can I Do With This Major? This website provides valuable career options and advice. Simply click on your major!

On the contrary, if you’ve entered college undecided, this tool helps narrow down majors based on your interests. If you have no idea where to begin, take a career matching test from The Career Project.

2. Consider graduate school

Make sure your educational expectations align with your career plan. For majors like healthcare, theology, and social work, continuing education is an expectation.

Know the professional standards, certifications, and degrees required for success and explore graduate programs so you can embark on your post-graduate adventure well prepared.

3. Maintain your grades

Meeting academic expectations is important to maintain scholarships and financial aid. If your grades dip too low, you may not be eligible for internships or graduate school. Moreover, improving your work ethic in college will benefit you in the workforce.

If you find yourself struggling in class, make use of academic support, like tutoring services.

4. Attend office hours

Your professors are experts in their field. Use their office hours to ask for career advice!

As experienced professionals, they’re equipped to guide you in the right direction. In the sciences, professors can enlist students to help with research projects, for instance. Your professors are happy to give you feedback on both your classwork and your career plan.

By establishing a long-term connection with faculty members, you can get a head start in finding an internship or job placement.

5. Create a LinkedIn profile

Start networking early!

First, creating a LinkedIn profile allows you to connect with classmates, professors, and other professionals in your desired field. Second, LinkedIn can be a great tool for learning the specifics of your desired job. Third, when you indicate that you’re looking for work, recruiters view your profile and may scout you for a position.

By connecting with other students and professionals, you can see which skills and education are expected for your ideal position. Reading regular updates from professionals you admire helps set goals for your career.

6. Secure an early internship

College internships are an excellent way to gain experience. What’s more, your major may require a practicum or internship for graduation. Plan ahead. How many hours are required? Do you need a field experience advisor? Make note of this information early so you can make the best decision.

College internships in the Boston area are everywhere. Explore career websites like Indeed or Handshake for internships that suit you. The ENC Center for Student Enrichment (CSE) is a great resource to help students find internships.

Establish a connection with your internship placement and they may consider you for full-time employment upon graduation!

7. Find a job on-campus

Several work-study placements offer job experience while earning money towards tuition payments. What’s more, there may be opportunities to find a placement within your desired field, such as a Teacher’s Assistantship, tutor, or student ministry position.

For example, those pursuing an Education degree at Eastern Nazarene College can work at Campus Kinder Haus.

8. Attend job fairs

Job fairs are commonplace on a college campus. Whenever possible, use this opportunity to connect with potential employers and discern their expectations for their employees. Virtual job fairs, like Handshake, are great resources for students.

9. Schedule a career counseling appointment

The Center for Student Enrichment (CSE) at Eastern Nazarene College offers free career counseling for undergraduate students. The CSE provides valuable resources for students including mock interviews, internship assistance, graduate school planning, career checklists, resume help, and more! Without a doubt, the CSE helps ensure students stay on track for their desired careers.

Prepare for your dream job at Eastern Nazarene College!

Eastern Nazarene College is located in the Boston area, a bustling career hub perfect for students and recent graduates pursuing an internship or a career. To learn more about how ENC supports our students academically and professionally, reach out to us today!