Want an Amazing Life? 7 Reasons to Explore Boston Area Private Christian Colleges

Jun 14, 2021

Choosing the best college for you isn’t just about the campus experience, the region it’s in or the career opportunities you’ll have. It’s all of the above! That’s why Boston area Christian colleges are so appealing.

  • The ideal campus experience is fun! You make lots of new friends and feel like you belong as you grow spiritually.
  • An ideal region is one that is connected to culture, where you’ll be exposed to new ideas and explore other perspectives.
  • And no college is doing its job if it doesn’t help you translate what you learn into exciting career opportunities.

Helping you feel that sense of belonging and fulfilling your desire for personal growth is what small, private Christian colleges do well. Here in the Boston area, you get the added benefit of connecting with the world in a land rich with opportunity.

These are the unique characteristics that make campuses like Eastern Nazarene College really special! Take a look at these seven reasons to take a closer look.

Benefits of Boston Area Christian Colleges

The Boston area is a leader in many areas. This is just a short list of reasons why this is an amazing place to be as a college student, and how schools like ENC connect these benefits with Christian life.

1. Science & Mathematics

If you’re interested in studying STEM subjects (related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics), the Boston area is a great place to be.

From MIT to the Boston Museum of Science and throughout the Life Sciences Corridor, Boston is a leader in innovation, medical technology and more. It’s also one of the most popular places for the world’s leading scientific minds to meet and present ideas.

Christian colleges here have a unique job to do. We help students with an interest in science immerse themselves in both the scientific and faith communities. 

Here, you’ll find there is plenty of overlap between scientific thinkers and Christian believers. It’s a place where you’re free to apply the scientific process to observing the world while deepening your faith in deeper truth.

2. Engineering

Engineering students find many opportunities to connect with internships and employers in aerospace, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering and more in the Boston area.

The main difference between studying engineering on a Christian campus vs. a secular one is the idea that this type of work goes beyond useful. In the Christian worldview, all work can be ministry.

For example, engineering students at other schools may have also worked on a concept for improving earthquake forecasting. But at ENC, we understand that it’s the personal mission of every person of faith to use their God-given intellect to protect life.

It’s a slightly different way of viewing the world and our place in it. It’s at Christian colleges that you’re most encouraged to see yourself as an instrument of God’s will – a powerful, wonderful and biblical idea!

3. Criminal Justice

Many national and regional leaders in criminal justice reform call Boston home. Groups like the Boston Foundation and the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Reform Coalition are helping to guide important conversations around ensuring justice is applied equitably to everyone.

If you’re interested in studying criminal justice, you will have no shortage of opportunities to explore law enforcement, legal advocacy, sociology, corrections and much more here.

Christian colleges encourage students to view their experiences in criminal justice through a biblical lens. Beyond the differing views people have about what justice is, you’ll discuss what God says about justice and learn to apply that biblical truth to your work.

4. Education

An excellent statewide school system makes many colleges based in Massachusetts attractive to education students. But the dynamic culture and high population of the Boston area makes it an especially beneficial place to gain experience as a teacher.

What Christian colleges like ENC add to teacher training is the inclusion of Christian values. As an education student, you’ll learn how to develop the minds of students around important concepts like grace, belief, love and hope, and how to present those ideas in a manner that is acceptable in public schools.

5. Communications

Long considered one of the world’s great centers of literature, Boston is a dynamic place to study everything from publishing, writing and editing to journalism, digital media, public relations and more. Its vibrant business community offers opportunities for exciting internships.

ENC helps students apply their talents in communication to ministry in many ways. This may mean entering a formal ministry role, becoming a faith-based communications specialist, or helping to spread truth and goodwill through secular channels.

For anyone interested in applying communications to any kind of ministry, it makes sense to embrace the unique perspective Christian colleges like ENC provide.

6. History

The Boston area, including the suburb of Quincy, MA where we’re located, is also rich in history. It’s one thing to study U.S. history in textbooks. It’s another to study it on the very soil where historical figures like American presidents John Adams and his son, John Quincy Adams, lived!

Students of history at ENC learn about how deeply the U.S. is rooted in European history, and how we have a common foundation in biblical history. This is a unique place to discover the connections between biblical practices and values and the birth of the nation we call home today.

7. Art & Music

As a major American and world cultural center, Boston is home to a vibrant arts community. From the Museum of Fine Arts to the Strand Theater in the Dorchester neighborhood and countless public venues, art and music are on display everywhere here.

At Christian colleges like ours, you’ll explore the arts from many different perspectives: art as entertainment, self-expression, cultural commentary and worship. At ENC, we believe God gave us art for all these purposes and more. 

There is joy in art – just as there is joy in exploring history, science, the philosophy of justice, the arts of teaching and communicating – when you understand that it comes from something greater than yourself. Rather, someone who created it all and is greater than all of us.

And that joy is the basis for a truly fulfilling life!

Many Advantages of Boston-area Christian Colleges, One Place: ENC

At Eastern Nazarene College, we help students connect with themselves, with God and with the Boston-area community to help them lead deeply fulfilling lives.

Let us help you along the path to your amazing, awe-inspiring, deeply fulfilling future!

To learn more about how ENC brings together the best of the region with the best of what private Christian colleges have to offer, please get in touch. We can’t wait to show you what you’ll ENCounter here, and why there’s really no place like it.