Join Eastern Nazarene College for Giving Day!

Join Eastern Nazarene College for Giving Day!

QUINCY - Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) announces the theme for the 2024 Giving Day, an annual fundraising incentive for alumni, parents, students, and community members to give back to the College. This year's theme is IMPACT.  On April 24, 2024, the College will...

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5 Tips for Going Back to School While Working Full-Time

Mar 31, 2022

Do you want to build on your skills in your off-hours? Going back to school may seem daunting for adult learners, but there are great options for continuing your education while working full-time. Here’s how to fit school back into your schedule.

1. Do your research

Finding the right fit is important. Consider your current career, and if this degree will bolster your skills. If you’re looking to change careers, try talking to someone in that field and discover the path they took. Research the classes offered and see if they truly interest you. Are there any classes offered by a professional you admire?

2. Find openings in your schedule

What days are you free? Can you spare some evenings for class? Can you set aside weekends for homework? Luckily, finding a program that fits your schedule is easy. Many programs for adult learners offer classes on nights and weekends.

3. Consider location

If you already commute to work, the last thing you want is to add more travel time. Think about where your home is located, and your workplace. When looking at programs, try to find one located near one or the other to cut down on travel. Luckily, more schools are offering entirely online options for learners. Find out whether the program you want offers distance learning, and what model of learning is it. Will you be attending class online, or will you be completing assignments asynchronously? ENC offers both fully-online programs and a variety of campuses across Massachusetts. 

4. Ask your employer about benefits

Many employers offer tuition reimbursement to encourage education. Research whether or not that’s a benefit available to you. When notified of your plans, some employers may offer time off for adult learners. After all, they’ll be benefiting from your skills, too! Eastern Nazarene College offers affordable options for adult education to lessen the financial stress and make going back to school easy.

5. Schedule an interview

When in doubt, ask an expert. Contact the school and set up a time to talk so you can ask an enrollment counselor questions. See if there are any student testimonials offered on their website, or connect with graduates on LinkedIn. It’s important to know the program will be a good fit, so gather as much information as possible.

Go back to school without compromising your schedule at Eastern Nazarene College!

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