Earn a College Degree at ENC and Stay Competitive

Feb 25, 2021

Boston is the 6th largest market in the United States, and is known as an “intellectual” city. So, how do you keep pace with all the people who already have degrees right here in the Boston area? The answer is simple; earn your college degree and you will soon be able to compete with everyone else in your select field of study.

42.8% have a bachelor’s degree or higher in Boston

Boston has a high percentage of people with degrees, but what about the state of Massachusetts? According to census data listed by the Huffington Post, Massachusetts is second only to Washington DC in the number of adults ages 25-34 with degrees.. The competition is fierce here in greater Boston, and earning a degree is critically important to increase your level of success and earning potential.

  1. Washington DC 63.5%
  2. Massachusetts 53.4%
  3. North Dakota 49%
  4. Minnesota 48.3%
  5. New York 47.7%

Eastern Nazarene College’s Adult and Graduate Studies Divisions has four campuses in the Boston area that offer a variety of degree programs. We provide a vibrant learning environment for professionals returning to college, or attending for the first time. All of our degree programs are designed for working adults and structured in a cohort model to facilitate big results.

Eastern Nazarene offers Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in Education, Business, Management, or Marriage and Family Therapy. Register now for a cohort that meets your schedule, and discover how a degree from Eastern Nazarene College can help propel your career forward. Get started now!