2023 Alumni Award Winners

2023 Alumni Award Winners

Eastern Nazarene College seeks, in each member of its community, to enlighten the mind, to enhance the quality of personality, to enkindle a never-ending search for truth, and to enable each, out of Christian love and concern, to serve others creatively and...

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Focus on Your Interests with a Master’s in Education

Feb 25, 2021

You can finally advance your career by continuing your education while gaining in-depth knowledge in something that interests you. Earning your Master’s Degree in Education allows you to choose an area of specialization, and adds additional value. Below are a few of the benefits you can enjoy from earning your master’s degree.
  1. Add value to your personal, professional and financial life
  2. Specialize in education and gain knowledge
  3. Pursue what interests you with a Master’s in Education

According to Everydaylife.com, teachers who specialize in an area of education are better suited to instruct their classroom. There is also a wide range of flexibility among professionals in education and career advancement.

The Schools and Staffing Survey from the National Center for Education Statistics states: The average salary increase for a first year teacher with a master’s degree is $3,100.

With a degree from Eastern Nazarene College, advancing your education career has never been easier.

Eastern Nazarene College of Adult and Graduate Studies has four campuses in the Boston area that offer a variety of degree programs. We provide a vibrant learning environment for professionals returning to college, or attending for the first time. All of our degree programs are designed for working adults and structured in a cohort model to facilitate big results.

Eastern Nazarene offers Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in Education, Business, Management, or Marriage and Family Therapy. Register now for a cohort that meets your schedule, and discover how a degree from Eastern Nazarene College can help propel your career forward. Get started now!