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Undergraduate Studies
Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Students with a passion for ministry and an interest in serving teens are prepared to lead through course work and hands-on experiences that prepare them for their calling and deepen their faith.


The Bachelors in Youth Ministry draws upon students’ passion for ministry and their interest in serving and leading teens. Students are provided with a supportive environment, challenging course work, and leadership skills to prepare them for their calling and deepen their faith.

Students in this major take core courses in biblical history, theology, and ministry. Through classes like Survey of the History of Christianity, Philosophy and Methods of Youth Ministry, and Issues in Youth Ministry, students expand their knowledge and gain hands-on experience ministering to youth in innovative and effective ways. 

Earning a Youth Ministry degree in a faith-based community means that students receive all the resources, guidance, and teachings needed to pursue a career in ministry. Student challenge their morals and ethics as they grow spiritually, while also learning the concepts and theories that have shaped religions and beliefs.

Class sizes are intentionally small to ensure students have the opportunity for community with professors and peers, engaged classroom discussion, and faculty-led research. At Eastern Nazarene College, the faculty takes interest in each and every student, helping them realize their calling and achieve their highest potential.

Career Paths

The Bachelors in Youth Ministry curriculum is designed to meet all of the educational requirements for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene and full-time ministry. Upon successful completion of the program, students earn a certificate stating that they are approved by COSAC in the Church of the Nazarene. Students are also exceptionally prepared to continue on to seminary or other graduate programs. 

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Why students love Youth Ministry

For the longest time in my life, I was lost. At Eastern Nazarene College, I returned to my faith and began studying Youth Ministry. By working in youth ministry one day, I hope to lead by example and help teens find themselves and stay close to Christ. ”

Paulin Sano '22
Hometown: Portland, Maine and Kigali, Rwanda​

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