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Worship Arts

The Worship Arts Program is a holistic, multi-disciplinary, and integrated approach to training worship leaders. It is ideal for students who feel called to pastoral ministry and have backgrounds and passions in music and the worship arts.


The goal of the Worship Arts Program at Eastern Nazarene College is to provide opportunities for students to develop a biblical, theological, and philosophical foundation to lead the people of God in holistic worship. The program is ideally suited for students who feel called to serve as worship pastors, but also for those called to pastoral ministry who have a background and interest in the worship arts and a desire to pursue integrated prophetic-priestly ministry.

The Worship Arts Program explores the intersection of biblical and theological studies, pastoral ministry, worship, preaching, the sacraments, and technology with music and the arts. Students explore the fundamental question of how church practices shape and form the hearts and lives of the people of God. The college seeks to orient the devotions and affections of the heart towards finding their ultimate purpose in response to prevenient pursuit of God and to respond to God with true worship, the kind of worship that God seeks in Spirit and Truth. 

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While some worship arts programs are primarily a music degree with a few ministry courses, Eastern Nazarene College’s worship arts degree seeks to be a holistic, multi-disciplinary, and integrated approach to providing training for worship leadership in the church, regardless of skill or interest area. Students are prepared to pursue their calling as pastoral ministers or worship leaders in local churches.

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I began my undergraduate studies with the intention of going to medical school and becoming a doctor. I have been equipped with all the tools necessary to be a qualified applicant for medical school. I have also been active in ministry and worship arts. Preparing for medical school at Eastern Nazarene College has been a blessed experience, as I have been able to grow in faith as a Christian and servant leader all the while being educated and prepared for the future that I believe God has in store for me.”

Paul Chong '20
Hometown: Reading, Masssachusetts

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