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Undergraduate Studies
Sports Management

Sports Management

Sports management is a vibrant, growing industry where students combine their business acumen with a passion for athletics.


From coach and team manager to broadcaster and sports marketer, a bachelor’s degree in sports management from Eastern Nazarene College opens a world of possibilities for students who wish to work in the high growth sports industry. Students receive a balanced curriculum of sports management and general business education courses, preparing them to assume leadership roles in the industry.

Goals of Sports Management Program

  • To develop an understanding and application of the pedagogy of sports science
  • To foster critical thinking, problem solving, and ethical management skills  
  • To encourage individuality and creativity in the practice of sports management
  • To develop an appreciation of and effective communication with diverse audiences
  • To articulate and foster Christian values as they pertain to the ethical practice of sports management

Career Paths

Boston is famous for its rich sports heritage. The close proximity of Boston to the college campus offers opportunities for students to gain internship and job opportunities while earning their degrees. Many students attend annual job fairs to meet with recruiters from Boston’s professional sports franchises, including the Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox.

Alumni have gone on to become teachers, coaches, event managers, and fitness directors. Several Eastern Nazarene College graduates work for major sports teams and athletic organizations like the Golden State Warriors, Oakland A’s, Boston Celtics, and the YMCA. Others pursue graduate degrees in sports management at top programs throughout the country

Sports Management Requirements (BS)
  • Fulfill all General Education Requirements  
  • Fulfill all Sport Management Core Requirements  
  • Fulfill all Business Administration Minor Requirements  

Sport Management Core (All Required) 

  • SM110 Introduction to Sport Management 
  • SM132 Sports Communication 
  • SM222 Sports Marketing & Sponsorship 
  • SM282 Principles of Leadership & Coaching 
  • SM350 Psychology of Sport 
  • SM362 Contemporary Issues and Ethics in Sport 
  • SM372 Sports Governance and Compliance 
  • SM382 Event Planning and Promotion 
  • SM397 Facilities Management 
  • SM398 Practicum in Sport Management 
  • SM432 Research Methods in Sports 
  • SM452 Legal Issues in Sport 
  • SM462 Senior Seminar  
  • SM488 Internship in Sport Management   

Business Administration Minor (All Required) 

  • AC240 Accounting for Non-financial Managers 
  • BA232 Principles of Macroeconomics 
  • BA324 Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development 
  • BA478 Seminar in Leadership 
  • MK252 Principles of Marketing 
  • MT212 Principles of Management 
  • MT426 Human Resource Management  
Sports Management Course Descriptions
  • SM110 Introduction to Sport Management (3 cr.) Introducing the student to the topic of sport management with an emphasis on the philosophical and historical foundations of sport management, as well as the current and future trends in sport management.
  • SM132 Sports Communication (3 cr.) This course examines the role of communication as it applies to sport management and the ability to be an effective leader within the industry. Students will develop an understanding of the interactions and information exchanges within a sport organization that are most applicable to sport management.   
  • SM222 Sports Marketing & Sponsorship (3 cr.) Sport marketing and sponsorship is designed to apply marketing principles to the area of sport, sport events, and sport products. Sponsorship and marketing strategies include sales, promotions, and advertising of sport will be emphasized and the avenues that emphasize will be communicated.   
  • SM282 Principles of Leadership & Coaching (3 cr.) This course provides an overview of concepts within the coaching world. Students will be introduced to coaching principles and theories which they can apply across all athletic programs. They will also learn leadership styles, skills, and traits and incorporate these techniques and strategies in the workplace. Topics include: Theoretical perspectives, team dynamics, philosophy, history and liability to name a few.  
  • SM350 Psychology of Sport (3 cr.) Applies psychological principles to the understanding and coaching of sport. Emphasizes the emotional and attitudinal aspects of athletic performance and their impact on the performer. Offered alternate years.   
  • SM362 Contemporary Issues and Ethics in Sport (3 cr.) This course examines the major issues and controversies of sport in contemporary society. Students will develop an appreciation of the ways sport in society contributes to analyzing and understanding human behavior in sport contexts. Students will be introduced to the basic understanding of theories and principles related to socio-cultural issues and ethics as well as morality in the sport industry. Issues such as race, social class, gender, politics, religion, economics, media, physical disabilities, and ethics as they relate to sports will be studied.  
  • SM372 Sports Governance & Compliance (3 cr.) This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the role of governance structures and management in sports organizations. The primary aim is to familiarize students with a basic understanding of the organizational structures used in the management and governance of sport. Topics and issues discussed will involve organizational theory, behavior and governance structures used in amateur, professional and international sports organizations.
  • SM382 Event Planning and Promotion (3 cr.) Advanced course in event management and sponsorship acquisition that highlights the competencies involved in the designing, planning, implementing, and evaluating of sport events. The course also focuses on the components of developing marketing plans and sponsorship proposals for various events in sport.   
  • SM397 Facilities Management (3 cr.) This course introduces students with the scope and complexity of design, operation and upkeep of sport and recreation facilities. Predominant areas of focus will include facility design, trends, risk management, crowd management and event planning.   
  • SM398 Practicum in Sport Management (1 cr.) A hands-on 35-hour minimum experiential learning opportunity that includes working under direct supervision as an administrative assistant with a sport or tness program, assisting in Lahue Center, or working in ENC athletics. Prerequisite: Approval of advisor and program chair.   
  • SM432 Research Methods in Sports (3 cr.) This course is designed to develop research skills with an emphasis on sport specific research as a scientific inquiry.  
  • SM452 Legal Issues in Sport (3 cr.) This course provides an in-depth analysis of the legal issues speci c to the sports industry with emphasis on tort and contract liability, agency, antitrust, labor, sex discrimination, trademark and constitutional law. Current legal cases will be researched and analyzed. 
  • SM462 Senior Seminar (1.5 cr.) This course guides the student in his/her preparation of the senior portfolio and the oral interview. Student will be provided an opportunity for self-development and synthesis of the major themes explored during prior courses. Both individual and group activities are scheduled in order to facilitate the senior comprehensive preparation and career planning.  
  • SM488 Internship in Sport Management (3 cr.) This experience, for a minimum of 100 hours, is designed to provide the student with a unique experience in a sport environment of his or her interest. The student nds an agency that will allow the student experience in sport program planning, management instruction, or marketing. Prerequisites: Senior standing and approval of advisor.  
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I had the opportunity to intern in operations and sales with the Maine Red Claws, the Boston Celtics' G League team, during the summer. I learned an incredible amount being in a professional sports environment which I was then able to apply in my classes. Eastern Nazarene College has truly prepared me for a career in the sports industry. ​”

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