Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Studies


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Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts

A liberal arts degree provides students with a solid foundation for graduate studies in a wide variety of disciplines. Many students choose a liberal arts degree if they are undecided about their area of focus and wish to explore multiple disciplines.


The Liberal Arts Program is designed for students who are interested in exploring and expanding knowledge in a wide array of areas. Courses from mathematics and science to literature and history provide students with the opportunity to explore diverse disciplines as they investigate potential career paths. The major is particularly well suited for students who are academically curious but undecided about a specific area of focus. 

Students are encouraged to explore electives and take advantage of research and internship opportunities both on and off campus, working with professors and professionals who are active in their area of interest. At Eastern Nazarene College, students earn their degrees in a supportive community that encourages both academic exploration and spiritual growth.

Career Paths

Students may use a degree in liberal arts to pursue a wide variety of careers including journalist, publicist, human resources manager, and others. Many students apply to graduate programs in an area of interest such as education, business, and humanities.

Undergraduate Catalog

For course descriptions, requirements, focus areas, options, and other program details see the full current undergraduate catalog.

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Why faculty love the Liberal Arts

A liberal arts education prepares students to become adaptable learners and thinkers, providing them with the skills needed to succeed in a rapidly-changing and increasingly diverse society.​”

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