Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Studies
Computer Science

Computer Science

A computer science degree can be broadly applied to any industry. From software development to artificial intelligence and beyond, the possibilities are endless. Students also learn how technology may be used for the common good in areas like earthquake forecasting.


Students in the computer science program are drawn from many backgrounds including pre-engineering, IT, science, and liberal arts. The Eastern Nazarene College computer science program does not require extensive knowledge in mathematics and physics to attract students representing a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. Students have the opportunity to work with faculty who conduct research in key areas of computer science such as big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, and earthquake forecasting. 

 The computer science program at Eastern Nazarene College uniquely combines a foundation in the liberal arts, a strong computer science core curriculum, and an 18-month senior design/research requirement. The goal of the senior design/research is to provide original contribution to science and/or technology, culminating in a thesis defense and publication in a peer reviewed journal. Students have published their senior design/research theses in some of most prestigious peer reviewed undergraduate journals in the world such as The Journal of Undergraduate Research and the Journal of Young Investigators. Student publications have been highlighted as best in the science category in the Journal of Young Investigators in 2015 and 2017.

Faith based education is integrated into the senior design/research course sequence, providing students with a powerful platform to interface with their communities and use their education for the common good. In the last three years, the majority of the senior design/research has used innovative technology to reach the most under-served communities around the world. 

Students pursuing computer science benefit from an advanced laboratory with maker space and support hardware and software, providing students with the ability to bring forth an idea, develop a concept, prototype, and develop a product within the same space. In addition, students have a dedicated super computer with data networking and storage support to tackle computationally intensive problems in trending areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, data cloud and big data, cyber security and networking, mathematical modeling, and others.

Students in the computer science program form strong bonds, routinely organizing recreational activities on Wollaston Beach, a five-minute walk from campus. In addition, students join clubs including, the Engineering Club, Shrader Club, and Sailing Club. With Boston only a 15-minute train ride from campus, there are many academic and recreational opportunities for students as well.

Career Paths

The computer science program has grown by 35% in two years. Due to the strength of student senior design/research, the rate of job placement and graduate school acceptance in the last three years has been 100%. Computer science students have been accepted to graduate programs at Vanderbilt University, the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, Tufts University, Georgia Tech, and others. 

Students are provided internship opportunities based on their backgrounds and interests. The Science and Technology Division has relationships with an extensive network of companies to match students with internships and job opportunities. In addition, the Division sponsors a summer research program for students where they are provided with housing, a stipend, and the opportunity to work with world-renown scientists from NASA to solve complex problems like earthquake forecasting.

Computer Science Core Courses

Foundation Core

CS161/L: Intro to Robotics and Lab 
CS121: Intro to Computer and Information Science
CS131: Programming I (C based) 
CS132: Programming II (C++ based) 
CS220/L: Computer Architecture and Design
CS310: Data Telecommunications and Networks
CS232/L: Digital Logic and Lab 

Advanced Core
CS322: Database Systems
CS331: Operating Systems
CS410: Java Programming
CS420: Topics in Computer Science

Design and Product Development
CS325: Introduction to Engineering Design
CS451A: Senior Design Project
CS451B: Senior Design Presentation (Thesis defense and publication) 

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Why Students Love Computer Science

What I like best about Eastern Nazarene College is the small classes where I have the opportunity to work directly with my professors. I have also formed lasting friendships with fellow students in my major. One of the best parts of the program is the senior design project in which you create something that benefits science or technology. I would highly recommend this major because of how dedicated the professors are in seeing you succeed and helping you reach your goals.”

Katherine Sauter '20
Hometown: Quincy, Massachusetts

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