Job Opportunities

Title Job Category Posting Date Application Deadline
Accounts Payable Clerk—Part Time  
Part-Time Hourly Staff 06/12/2020 Until Filled
Adjunct Faculty – Adult and Graduate Studies (Multiple Openings)
Adjunct Faculty 05/17/2019 Until Filled
Adjunct Faculty – Writing Instructors (Multiple Openings)
Adjunct Faculty 06/18/2019 Continuous
Adjunct Faculty Member – Adult & Graduate Studies, Richmond, VA Extension Site (Multiple Openings)
Adjunct Faculty 06/30/2020 Continuous
Administrative Assistant – Adult & Graduate Studies (Richmond, VA Extension Site)
Part-Time Hourly Staff 06/30/2020 Until Filled
Director of Career and Professional Development, The Center for Student Success
Administrative Staff 10/08/2019 Until Filled
Director of Marketing and Communications
Administrative Staff 06/02/2020 Until Filled
Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Administrative Staff 06/02/2020 Until Filled
Graduate Assistant – Campus Kinder Haus (Early Childhood Center)
Graduate Assistant 06/18/2020 Until Filled
Graduate Assistant – Men’s Volleyball
Graduate Assistant 07/01/2020 Until Filled
Graduate Assistant Resident Director – Male
Graduate Assistant 04/10/2020 Until Filled
Head Coach – Softball / Instructor in Sports Management
Staff 06/18/2020 Until Filled
Staff 04/06/2020 Until Filled
Network Administrator
Salaried Staff 06/10/2020 Until Filled
Site Recruiter/Academic Advisor – Adult & Graduate Studies (Richmond, VA Extension Site)
Part-Time Hourly Staff 07/01/2020 Until Filled
23 East Elm Avenue, Quincy, MA 02170 (617) 745-3000

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