John Free Physics and Engineering Seminar – Virtual Presentation – Friday April 24, 2020 at 4:30PM

Apr 20, 2020

Please join us on a Zoom Virtual Presentation of the Dr. John U. Free Physics & Engineering Seminar Series 2020 featuring faculty and Physics & Engineering senior research presentations. This series encourages collaboration and information sharing between programs and divisions and promotes an atmosphere that supports undergraduate research.

The URL to launch the Zoom Presentation is as follows:

The presentations scheduled for the April 24 installment of the series are as follows:

Self-Efficient and Controlled Charging System for Laptop and Android Devices
by Osamweniyobo Jude Odeh, BSc degree in Computer Engineering Candidate

The purpose of this project is to stop the overall damage of a computer’s CPU (“Central Processing Unit”), battery, motherboard, and other important components. The proposed design will make computer batteries last longer when in use due to not overheating. When a computer is over-used and is not given enough time to rest via cool down, it begins to overheat. While a computer overheats because of extended use, there will be damage to internal components, such as an overheated processor, which slows down and operates less efficiently. Overheated battery, the added heat and increased chemical reaction reduces the battery life and amount of time it stays charged. With prolonged exposure to high heat, the battery may even become unusable. Overheated motherboard, the efficiency and output of the electrical current gets reduced. The proposed laptop case system is capable of cooling one’s laptop to an acceptable degree, while giving the laptop shielding from the sun and simultaneously storing energy from the sun to power the power bank and fans. The laptop case is fitted to give space to the laptop so hot air can travel through allowing your computer to breath. The proposed design can fit into different other applications such as Phone/device Charger, personal mini fan, etc.

A new efficient tool for controlling and limiting the use of cell phones
by Devin R. Clay, BSc Computer Science, Minor in Physics 2020

When used efficiently and with moderation, cellphones can be an incredible tool for supplementing various tasks including education, communication, and personal entertainment. However, with the increasing rate at which we improve our current technologies, there is also an increase in the accessibility of those same developments. While a cellphone can be used for help with studying, proofreading, fact checking, and even learning something previously unknown, it also houses applications like games, social media, and other various distractions. Oftentimes, people can find themselves using their phone simply to pass time due to its accessibility, without a real desire to use the phone. Doing so can create habits of dependency on a cellphone which makes it difficult to put it down and to become productive when necessary. This is especially evident in younger users such as teenagers and children, who have not yet managed to develop a sense of self-discipline and moderation in using their cell phones. In these circumstances, if there were a way to make the user unable to access the applications that they seem to interact with by default, there would be little room for them to find distractions from their intended task. This product is an attempt to lower the occurrence of cellphone related distractions, by limiting the ability to use applications which may cause such problems.

ENC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Hosts Special Olympic Event

ENC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Hosts Special Olympic Event

QUINCY - On Sunday, April 28, the Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) hosted a Special Olympics Unified Sports basketball game at the Lahue Athletic Center between the Dorchester Blue Devils and the SOLynn Bombers from Lynn,...

Eastern Nazarene College Holds Community Celebration Chapel

Eastern Nazarene College Holds Community Celebration Chapel

QUINCY - Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) celebrated another year of academic excellence with a Community Celebration Chapel on April 25 in the Wollaston Church of the Nazarene.  All members of the College community are encouraged to attend and celebrate the achievement...