Phi Delta Lambda


Phi Delta Lambda is the international honor society of the colleges of the Church of the Nazarene. Founded in 1941, the society was formed from honor societies in existence at various Nazarene colleges. The first chapter, Alpha Chapter, was established at Pasadena Nazarene College (Point Loma Nazarene University). The Beta Chapter at Eastern Nazarene College was the second chapter to be organized.

Membership in Phi Delta Lambda is comprised of the top fifteen percent of the graduating class earning baccalaureate degrees from the traditional undergraduate program. It also includes the top fifteen percent of the graduating class earning baccalaureate degrees from the Adult and Graduate Studies program. Graduates must have earned a minimum 3.5 cumulative grade point average in order to be admitted into membership.

Phi Delta Lambda has a two-fold purpose: (1) the promotion of scholarship and friendly relations among the students and graduates of the colleges of the Church of the Nazarene, and (2) the stimulation and maintenance of high ideals of learning, character, and Christian service. The ideals of Phi Delta Lambda are represented in the organization’s name.


Stands for PHILOSOPHIA, or the Love of Wisdom. This indicates that members will be faithful to the ideals of truth, be governed by truth in all of life’s choices, and accept truth whenever found.


Represents DIKAIOSUNE, or Righteousness. This shows that members will devote their best efforts to the building of high and noble character. All actions must spring from a pure heart and all efforts harmonize in the seeking of righteousness.


Means LATREIA, or Service. Service is the cornerstone of all true education. Members of Phi Delta Lambda must encourage the individual and community. Forsaking all selfish motives, they must devote their lives to the advancement of others.

Activities and Sponsored Events

The Beta chapter sponsors annual activities and events to support scholarship, spiritual discipline, and service. Throughout the academic year, the Beta chapter co-hosts campus events in collaboration with the ENC Honors Scholar Society to highlight scholarship and encourage connections between alumni and current honors students. Beta Chapter also conducts an induction ceremony for new members on graduation day in May. Investment in scholarships for select students occurs annually.


May 4, 2019 (Commencement Weekend)
Annual Induction Ceremony and Meeting

Dining Commons, Mann Student Center, Time TBD
Following an induction of new members from traditional and adult studies programs, a business meeting occurs for all Beta Chapter members. A buffet is served. New inductees attend free of charge. Pre-registration is appreciated. The form for this event will be available in of March 2019.

April 11-12, 2018
Academic Symposium

Sponsored by the Honors Scholar Society of Eastern Nazarene College, this exciting event showcases and celebrates student research. Phi Delta Lambda is privileged to partner with the Honors Scholar Society for this annual symposium by co-sponsoring the Keynote Speaker.

This year the speaker was Dr. Tim Green, Dean of Trevecca Nazarene University’s Millard Reed School of Theology and Christian Ministry. He presented a talk entitled: Becoming Fully Human: The Christian Liberal Arts Journey.

On Thursday, students presented brief talks and poster sessions highlighting their endeavors across a wide range of academic disciplines. For the upcoming year, you can access the list of presenters, times, and locations by visiting the Academic Symposium section of ENC’s website in the spring semester of 2019. To view past Symposium presentations, please click here.

Giving to Phi Delta Lambda

Members are encouraged to submit annual dues and to invest in chapter activities:

  • Annual dues support PDL activities at Eastern Nazarene College and international activities through the Church of the Nazarene Board of General Education. They are $10.00.
  • Donations can be made to the Phi Delta Lambda operating budget to support annual activities and sponsored events.
  • Contributions to the Phi Delta Lambda endowed scholarship fund yield scholarships to an outstanding junior class member. Need and merit are dual award criteria.

Payment may be made online by indicating “Phi Delta Lambda” in the space marked “Other”, or mailed to Eastern Nazarene College Phi Delta Lambda, Office of Alumni Relations, 23 East Elm Avenue, Quincy, MA 02170.


Phi Delta Lambda Scholarship Recipient

McKenna Brooke Kern (Class of 2018)

While majoring in Liberal Arts Studies, McKenna acknowledged God’s call for a life of ministry.

She was chosen as our PDL scholarship recipient for her pursuit of  “service” and “righteousness.” McKenna served as Director of Spiritual Life on the Student Government Association Executive Council. In addition to participating in Summer Ministries with Edge of Eden and Sojourner, she served on chapel teams, Refiner’s Fire council, Junior Class Council, Kingdom Experience, and a variety of service projects.

McKenna is a “lover of wisdom.” She was a member of the Honors Scholars Society. McKenna assisted others in learning by serving as an orientation leader, Germantown after school program leader, and student ambassador.

She was crowned Homecoming Queen in October 2017 and was named Outstanding Senior in May 2018. From Hebron, Maryland, McKenna purposely chose ENC for a Christian liberal arts education. When reflecting on her experience at ENC, McKenna states:

“My time at ENC has been the greatest four years of my life. This is the community where I have found my belonging, where I have made life-long friends, where I have grown exponentially, where I have been challenged in my faith, where I have learned to truly love my neighbor, where I have had some of the greatest experiences and opportunities, where I have been constantly encouraged and validated and loved, where I have made the sweetest memories, and where I have learned to be the hands and feet of Jesus. I do not know where I would be without ENC. This school, this place, these people have forever changed my life for the better. I desperately wish my time at ENC was not almost to a close because this community has been instrumental in shaping who I am and helping me discern who God has called me to be. ENC will forever have a special place in my heart.”


Beta Chapter Council

President • Elizabeth Wooster, Class of 1986,
Secretary • Amy Hwang, Class of 1997
Treasurer • Dara DesRoches, Class of 2004
Officer •  Elizabeth Blancette, Class of 2015
Officer • Barbara McAlvin,  Class of 2001
Officer • Austin Steelman, Class of 2013