Eastern Nazarene College Identified as an Essential Business by Governor Baker and will Remain Open

Mar 23, 2020

This morning, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced that all non-essential businesses will close starting tomorrow (March 24, 2020) at noon.  The Governor’s Office also supplied a list of essential organizations.

Eastern Nazarene College is considered an essential business based on three of the criteria listed; therefore, the college will remain open:

  1. We are actively delivering education through online methods for undergraduate and graduate students and are expected to continue that process and provide appropriate student supports.
  2. We operate an authorized child care facility, Campus Kinder Haus, for first responders and vulnerable populations and are expected to continue providing child care and any related support services.
  3. We are caring for an on campus residential population that cannot travel home.  Supports and services for students remaining on campus are needed and will continue.

Employees are making arrangements with their supervisors to work remotely if possible; however, there is work in many divisions of the College that cannot be achieved remotely, and those services will continue to be provided on campus.

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