Janelle Beiler ('93) announces a $10,000 matching gift for the College!



ENC Alumni Council donates $10,000 to the True to ENC Campaign
A message from Janelle Beiler ('93)

We find ourselves in unique times and have all been impacted in some way by this global pandemic. Maybe you know someone who has been infected; maybe you or someone you love has lost a job; maybe you know a student who has had their education interrupted.


As alumni, our hearts ache for our ENC seniors and all of our students whose formative years on campus have been cut short. After weeks of following ENC's Facebook page and speaking with the College, I find myself continually inspired by ENC and its students who live out her mission, striving for that "best in education" and "best in Christian faith" mentality. I speak for the Alumni Council and as the parent of a current student when I say that we have witnessed the work of those who continue to serve students and want to make an ENC education more accessible for students in the future. Will you partner with us and be True to ENC?  


The Alumni Council has decided to contribute $10,000 to the True to ENC Campaign as a matching gift. If you haven’t already thought of ENC during this time, would you think about giving your gift today and continue to shape the next generation of ENC students academically and spiritually?



If you are not in a place to give financially at this difficult time, would you consider being very intentional in your prayers for the College and our students? That, too, provides us with hope.


May you know God’s direction, blessing, and provision in this time as we all seek to be...




Janelle Beiler ('93)

Alumni Council President


Eastern Nazarene College

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