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VCalc, the crowd sourced productivity platform

Published: September 19, 2014

The Physics & Engineering Department is proud to sponsor vCalc, a new online web based tool that provides an easy to use interface and a comprehensive database for all things math related.

The man behind vCalc, Kurt Heckman, graduated from Eastern Nazarene College in 1984 with a degree in Mathematics. He has gone on to work in the aerospace industry, specifically with government contracts, and is now leading a start-up company called vCalc, a new wiki-style website for math equations. This tool is designed to serve any and every field of study, business and industry.

vCalc is a crowd-sourced social media productivity platform that is building the world’s universal calculator. Through the power of crowd-sourcing, contains the world’s fastest growing library of equations and data. vCalc empowers you to create “Your Math” with the tools to develop and share your own equations and data, and the ability to publish wikis and web-enabled calculators using any combination of equations from vCalc’s global community and your social network. vCalc is used by the public and in universities in over sixty countries, where users are Creating, Collaborating and Calculating information to build the world’s greatest utility for the equations of life.



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