Student Government Association

All Student Government Association groups are collectively overseen by the Office of Community Life helping provide guidance for students and a clear vision for the institutions on campus student life.

The mission of ENC’s Student Government Association (SGA) is to further the kingdom by valuing all members of the ENC family and supporting them in their unique abilities. Striving to be servant leaders, SGA sets the example for ENC students by seeking excellence.

The Student Government Association is comprised of class councils; freshman, sophomore, juinior, senior, and commuter, as well as an executive council that sits the Student Body President and 6 other executive student staff positions. The SGA oversees the 20 student clubs and ministries, intramural sports, campus activities, and the student publications- the Veritas newspaper and Nautilus yearbook. Through events, organizations, and programs, the SGA seeks to create experiences that build lasting community on campus by encouraging students cultivate their interests and passions by getting involved on campus.

Student Government Executive Council

Kiera Bryant
Student Body President
Major: Biology
Office Hours
Tuesday: 9am-12pm
Wednesday: 2pm-3:30pm
Friday: 2pm-3:30pm

Kirsten North
Vice-President and Director of Finance
Major: Education


Office Hours
Monday: 3:30pm-4:30pm
Tuesday: 2pm-5pm
Wednesday: 3:30pm-5:30pm

Aaron Herbert
Director of Student Events
Major: Business Management


Office Hours
Monday: 1pm-3pm
Tuesday: 1pm-2pm
Wednesday: 1pm-2pm
Thursday: 1pm-2pm
Friday: 1pm-2pm

Daniel Blue
Director of Recreational Life
Major: Biology


Office Hours
Monday: 1pm-2pm
Tuesday: 1:30pm-5pm
Wednesday: 1pm-2pm
Friday: 1pm-1:30pm

McKenna Kern
Director of Spiritual Life
Major: Liberal Arts


Office Hours
Tuesday: 4:30pm-6pm
Wednesday: 1:15pm-3:15pm
Thursday: 3:15pm-5:45pm

Niki Ghosh
Director of Publicity
Major: Communications

Office Hours
Monday: 1pm-4pm
Wednesday: 1pm-4pm

Student Publications


Debuting in 1922, the Nautilus has become an Eastern Nazarene College a tradition. Nautilus has been the cornerstone for preserving student history from the “Who’s Who” of graduates to noteworthy underclassmen attendees.

The 1922 edition of the Nautilus, with its loose leather binding, contained literary pieces from the student perspective as well as personal descriptions of graduating seniors written by well-known President and key founder Bertha Munro. Today, the Nautilus staff is dedicated to carrying out the publication’s long tradition of recording history to the page through photography, graphic design, literary media, journalism, and even videography.


The Veritas Student Newspaper has been the voice of ENC’s students since its founding in 1933. Today, the paper continues to highlight the latest happenings both on campus and in the greater Boston area. A team of talented student editors and writers contributes to the paper helping present a well-rounded view.


Student Government Association
Location: Mann Student Center
Phone: (617)-745-3579
Twitter: @ENCSGA
Snapchat: ENCSGA
Instagram: ENCSGA

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