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Debuting in 1922, the Nautilus has not only been the annual yearbook publication of Eastern Nazarene College, but a tradition. Nautilus has been the cornerstone for preserving student history from the “Who’s Who” of graduates to noteworthy underclassmen attendees.

The 1922 edition of the Nautilus, with its loose leather binding, contained literary pieces from the student perspective as well as personal descriptions of graduating seniors written by well-known President and key founder Bertha Munro.

Moving forward in history the late 60s, 70s, and 80s brought with it a greater opportunity to produce and print colored pictures within Nautilus’s pages. The focus of the student-run publication took to the dorms, cafeteria, classrooms, courts, and fields to capture the more authentic and memorable moments of the Christian college experience.

Today, with access to technological advances through Student Government Organization financial support and other contributors, Nautilus has enjoyed an online publication process utilizing various publishers and printing houses for over a decade. The current Nautilus staff is dedicated to carrying out the publication’s long tradition of recording history to the page through photography, graphic design, literary media, journalism, and even videography.



Amber R. Ervin
Senior, Class of 2017
Literatures in English
Minor Secondary Education
Favorite Yearbook: I love the 1922, the first edition of Nautilus. It captures a time we are so far removed from now, and yet connects us to it still through our historic campus and the continually life changing college experience.



Kirsten Hanson
Deputy Editor
Senior, Class of 2017
Social Work
Minor Psychology
Favorite Yearbook: The best yearbook is from 1990, when a legend graduated: Ann Hanson. My mom is my hero so…



Katie Stade
Creative Editor
Junior, Class of 2018
Minor Communication Arts
Favorite Yearbook: I don’t know if I could pick one! Every single one represents something so unique about ENC. Creatively recording the ENC legacy is so special and I feel very blessed to be apart of it.



Richie Gardenhire
Head Photographer
Freshman, Class of 2020
Undecided Major
Favorite Yearbook: Probably the one we are working on now. I love capturing the different moments that make ENC so special and that is the people. I am excited to make my mark on ENC history.


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