Our Covenant

 Our Covenant
  •  God, you have extended the cup of yourself, rich with your sacrifice, made vivid to us in the face of your crucified Son.
  •  You offer your love without condition, your healing without prejudice, your forgiveness without bias.
  •  We confess that our lives and our community have often failed to reflect your generosity, your openness, and your love.
  •  We denounce racism, sexism, classism and any prejudice that causes us to generalize and stereotype people inside and outside this community.
  •  We gratefully seize the grace you offer that enables us to be open to one another just as you are open to us.
  •  We commit to engage in honest relationships where we will listen and be heard, validate and be validated, value and be valued.
  •  By your grace may we leave no stone of prejudice unturned, no generalization intact, no stereotype unchallenged.
  •  We thank you for loving us for who we are, and covenant together to love another as you have first loved us.