Academic Symposium 2014

Academic Symposium 2014 – April 9-10

Presenter Topic and Video (where applicable)
Keynote AddressSean Coleman – Vice President and Division Counsel at American International Group, Inc; Adjunct Professor, Pre-LawJesus is the Question: The Future of Christian Liberal Arts Education
Poster PresentationsKathryn PulhamNew England Ecology in a Box
Matthew Jayne (14)USB Charging Systems for Multispeed Bicycles

Weston Jordan (14)The Computational Complexity of Inverse Problems Using Iterative Algorithms

Jacob Misla (14)Remote-Controlled Side-View Mirrors for Improving Driving Conditions in Bad Weather
Michael Bechard (14)Instead of Flicking a Switch, Just Open the Door

Joel Shaffer (14)An Improved Method for Fast-Paced Stats Keeping
Ryan Piesco (14)The APT Test as a Means to Improve Education through Technology

Luzelina RodriguezThe Effects of Exposure to Crime on College Academics

Nathan Hamm (14)Alkoxy Perfluoroaryl Liquid Crystals via SNAr Reaction

Casey SenechalNew Polymorph of Maleic Anhydride

Sondra Hazelton (15), Sydney Michael (15), and Angela Valerio (15)Is Facebook the New Face-to-Face?
Lisa ClarkCulture and Therapy
Symposium TalksKenneth White (14)The Germanization of the Late Roman Empire

Julianna MacFarland (14)Pearls, Plaid, and Polyester: American Fashion in the Twentieth Century

Prof. William McCoy – HistoryExamined Bodies and Evasive Lives: The Swaziland Leprosy Survey, 1946–1949
Michael F. Doyle III (14)Ernest Hemingway: A Symbol of the Success of Emerson’s Vision

Julianne Atwater (14)Margaret Roper: The Woman Behind the Man For All Seasons

Brent Daniel Neely (14)Jonah: His Life, Death, and Resuscitation

Leah Anderson (15)I Published a Book—Say Whaaaat?

Dr. Nancy Ross – Psychology, Erin Stone (08), Madeline McDonough (15), Thao Vu (14), and Sarah LeGrand (14)Examining Gender Differences in Hiring Decisions

Jennifer Glen (15)Narrative Medicine

Dr. Marcus Fries – MathematicsCrypotocurrencies and Bitcoin

Joe Hammerstrom (14)TEC Data Variations & Correlation with Seismic Activity over Japan

Dr. Pierre-Richard Cornely – Physics and EngineeringRecent Developments in Earthquake Monitoring and Prediction

Luke Wooster (15)Development of an Inline Microfluidic Electrochemical Cell to Study Carbon Dioxide Reduction

Closing AddressProfessor Emeritus Lowell Hall – ChemistryCompanions for Our Journey