Festival of Life 2018


March 15-18, 2018

Festival of Life (FOL) is an event that brings over 500 Nazarene youth and leaders together to participate in a variety of special competitive events, and worship experiences on the campus of Eastern Nazarene College.

FOL is a year-long event for the Eastern Field NYI (Nazarene Youth International). Its purpose is to give youth across the northeast an opportunity to develop, devote and share their gifts and abilities to be used for Jesus Christ.

Other important elements of FOL @ ENC:
  • To help students become better disciples of Jesus through the relationships they build with other students and leaders across the Eastern Field through various competitions and worship.
  • To build fellowship among all who participate and build a spirit of unity among the students of each district and all districts of the Eastern Field.
  • To emphasize the truth that each person is equal in God’s sight and has the obligation to discover, develop and share the gifts and talents God has given them in every way possible.