New Student Financial Aid

A message from Eastern Nazarene College for parents:

The faculty and administration of Eastern Nazarene College hope you will approach your college decision with a great deal of consideration and prayer. As you look at the next chapter of the story for your son or daughter, it could be the largest single expense item that you have encountered to date. What do you do? Do you look for the cheapest option, the live-at-home path, the online alternative? Or do you take a deep breath and consider the kind of formation you are purchasing for your child?

At Eastern Nazarene College, we hear the parental concerns. We know that, in the landscape of colleges today, sacrifice is required on the part of our families to choose a private Christian college. The reality is that your experience at Eastern will look very different than at any other college. Here you will find faculty and administrators who mentor students and invest in their lives. You will find classrooms with high academic standards and compassionate, caring Christian professors who seek to help shape the classroom experience specifically for your student. You will find a community of students and staff that care for each other and journey together. Eastern is a very special place, and our commitment to you is to do everything we can to help make your child’s dream of attending Eastern a reality.

Eastern is here for families like yours. We are unapologetically Christian, academically rigorous, and our students genuinely love their college. Eastern is one of the most affordable Christian colleges in the nation. We are always amazed at the number of parents who say at graduation, with tears in their eyes, “We never thought this was possible, and we wouldn’t take anything for the impact that Eastern has had on our child.”

Let Eastern help make your deepest hopes for your college-bound son or daughter come true. Please contact Savannah Rosensteel ( or 617-745-3870) in the Office of Admissions and let Eastern help you find a financial path that will allow you to give this great gift to your child.

The greatest gift you give your son or daughter may be a college degree from a Christian college. Many have chosen Eastern. We hope you do too.