About The Warren Business Forum

John WarrenJohn Warren

The Warren Business Forum is held in memory of the late John Warren, founder of the Warren Lightning Rod Company of Collingswood, New Jersey, a leading producer of lightning rods for industrial, commercial, residential, and government buildings in much of the eastern United States.

Mr. Warren, an ENC alumnus of 1934, served two terms as president of the Alumni Association. Among other interests, he was an active member of his local church board, mission board, and the board of a nationwide television ministry. His late wife, Nina, and his daughter, Nina, are both ENC graduates.

Mr. Warren believed that people are led by God into business and professional lives as well as into the ministries of preaching, teaching, and missionary work. The goal of this forum is to bring inspiration and enthusiasm to students so that they will pursue their goals “not slothful in business, serving the Lord.”