Transfer Students at Eastern Nazarene College experience the same high-quality education, world-class environment, and close-knit community enjoyed by all students at ENC. Many of the undergraduate students currently enrolled at the College entered as transfer students in search of a Christian college of the liberal arts and sciences with a reputation for academic excellence and global engagement.

Admission to ENC is selective, and notification of the admission decision is made on a case-by-case basis. To qualify as a transfer student, an applicant must have completed a minimum of twelve credits of transferable coursework from a regionally accredited institution. Transfer Student applicants to Eastern Nazarene College must be in good academic, financial, and social standing at all institutions previously attended. Transfer student applicants who present a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale are eligible for full admissions to the college.  We also offer Transfer Scholarships and lead the state in working closely with students eligible for Armed Forces Benefits.

Application for Admission
To be considered for admission to ENC as a Transfer Student, please submit the following materials:

  • Online Application for Admission
    This is the first step in the application process at Eastern Nazarene College. Students must personally complete the free online application form and submit it to the Office of Admissions at ENC.
  • College Transcripts
    Students must arrange to have official signed & sealed transcripts from all post-secondary institutions previously attended sent directly to the Office of Admissions at Eastern Nazarene College. The transcript must show course grades, as well as the cumulative GPA. If actively enrolled in courses at the time of application, a final transcript must be forwarded immediately after completion of the term or semester. If you attend a university outside the U.S. or Canada, transcripts must first be sent to either WES or AACRAO for a full course-by-course transcript evaluation. Each transcript will be reviewed for transferability of credits. If you are still in high school or have completed less than one full semester (at least 12 credit hours) then please apply as a First-Year Student.

Transcript Evaluation Process

The Office of the Registrar at Eastern Nazarene College evaluates transfer students’ transcripts. Transfer credit will generally be granted for courses taken at an accredited institution of higher education, provided such work is appropriate to degree requirements at Eastern Nazarene College and was completed with a minimum grade of C-, although credit for a course does not guarantee that the course will fulfill a major requirement. Pass/fail courses are not transferable without official validation that the minimum passing grade is a C.

Transcripts should be sent to:

Eastern Nazarene College
Office of Admissions
23 East Elm Avenue
Quincy, MA 02170

Official electronic transcripts may also be requested through the registrar’s office at all previous institutions attended.

Students Enrolling with a Previously Earned Associates Degree

Eastern Nazarene College aims to assist community college students who intend to transfer credits from a two-year community college.  Our goal is to ease the transfer process and help make your transition as smooth as possible. Any student possessing an Associate of Arts degree from a regionally accredited institution shall meet the following standards and conditions in satisfying the General Education requirements at Eastern Nazarene College:

  • Complete the following 9 Credits in the CP sequence.
    • CP250 Bible in Current Perspective
    • CP350 World Religions
    • CP410 Living Issues
  • All other CP course requirements (23 credits) are waived.
  • All other General Education requirements are satisfied by the Associates Degree.
    • *Exception may occur if specific General Education course(s) is required for a Major.

If you have any questions, please contact Madison Flowers at