Final Exam Schedules

A final semester examination and/or a major paper is required in each course. A student who fails in a course is not allowed to take a second examination until he/she has repeated the course. Attendance at the scheduled exam time is mandatory. Students who have a serious conflict (serious illness, disability, death in the family, etc.) with the scheduled time must submit a petition to the Committee on Academic Standing. If the reason is related to a disability, the student may petition the director of the Center for Academic Success, with documentation for permission to take a specially-scheduled examination. Permission will not be granted to accommodate travel plans.

Students are advised to study the academic calendar at the front of the catalog and the final examination schedule, which is posted by October 1 and March 1, before making travel arrangements or committing to events or activities that fall within the final exam period.

Seniors and Final Exams

Students who are graduating in May or August are not required to take a final exam during the spring semester. Faculty members will determine and announce alternative requirements for graduating seniors. Students who wish to take the final exam may do so with special permission from the professor and notification to the Registrar’s Office. All final exams must be taken at the scheduled final exam date/time. Students seeking to take a final exam at a different time must petition the Academic Standing Committee. Petitions may be picked up at the Registrar’s Office. Students who have enough credits to be classified a senior but are not graduating in the current academic year must take final exams.

Below is the final exam schedule for the Spring 2017 semester.

Spring 2017 Final Exam Schedule  Icon