Nazarene Consortium Cross Registration

ENC participates in a cross-registration program with several other institutions of higher education which are related to the Church of the Nazarene. An undergraduate student may take up to 18 semester hours through cross-registration. To participate in this program, a student must be a second-semester sophomore in good academic standing. The student will be enrolled at ENC while attending classes at the host institution. Information and application materials for this program are available through the Provost’s Office. The student must have the approval of the vice president for academic affairs, the vice president for student development, and his/her academic advisor.

The institutions participating in this program are:

Course credit and transfer:

For approved Off-Campus Study programs students are enrolled in 12.0 credits of ZZ499:Off-Campus Study, for the semester of the program. This course acts as a placeholder until the official transcript is received from the of-campus program or Nazarene institution, at which point those courses and grades are brought into the student’s record and ZZ499 is dropped.


Once ENC students have been approved to cross registered at another Nazarene school, ENC will bill the student for the ENC tuition; the room, board, and fees of the host institution; as well as a $300 administrative processing fee. ENC students may use their ENC institutional aid (scholarships and grants), as well as Federal/State aid to cover their costs. Any remaining balance must be covered by either a loan or personal payment. Once the balance has been paid by the student the amount for room, board, and other fees will be remitted to the other Nazarene school.