Off-Campus Study

Eastern Nazarene College is committed to offering you a well-rounded college experience. To this end, we see the advancement of off-campus study as an integral part of a student’s experience here at ENC. As part of this mission to provide learning opportunities for students in and out of our classrooms, Eastern Nazarene College offers opportunities for students to enhance their academic knowledge, personal development and career preparation through off-campus study. Through a cooperative opportunity you can complete a short term, career exploratory, off-campus experience geared toward career, professional, missions, or service learning. With these wonderful off-campus experiences we can make available to you, attending Eastern Nazarene College will not only provide you with a strong academic background, but also the kinds of experiences that you can take to the workforce as you prepare for your career. As ENC senior Jackie Ellwood stated, “What is unique [about off-campus study] is seeing what you learn in the classroom play out in the real world.”


Each cooperative position will be ninety (90) hours in length – six (6) hours per week for fifteen (15) weeks. A student who successfully completes the experience will be awarded three (3) academic credits with a P/F grade. These credits will be elective credits within the Praxis program. The supervision of these cooperative placements will be departmental. The Praxis Coordinator will assume the supervision of all Cooperative placements. In conclusion, none of these placements is mandatory; but they are strongly recommended for the Freshman class. The idea of “exploratory” must be underscored for each student, especially for the undeclared individuals. To experience a possible career path is paramount at this stage of the student’s intellectual and personal development. A Cooperative placement is a very viable option. If you are interested in an opportunity, fill out a proposal form and a cooperative application and return them to the Praxis office located in the Presidential Suite in Gardner Hall.

All students interested in an off-campus experience can contact Praxis Experience staff at or call the Dean’s Office at (617) 745-3706.