Graduation Information

ENC confers degrees on three dates: May, August, and January.  Commencement ceremonies are held in May of each year.

To be considered a candidate for a baccalaureate degree in any specific year, the student must have filed an application for degree candidacy signed by the student and the student’s advisor. The application is due no later than November 1 of the junior year, or three semesters prior to the anticipated graduation date, or fines will be imposed. The signed degree candidacy form implies that the student and advisor have reviewed the plan for completion of all requirements by the anticipated graduation date. Any change in the student’s approved program may delay his/her graduation. Only candidates for a degree will participate in the formal activities of the senior year. A late fee of $25 is charged for late submissions during the junior year. Students who submit a degree candidacy form the same academic year as their graduation are charged a $50 late fee. No student will participate in commencement unless all scholastic and financial requirements have been met. Faculty advisors and the registrar are freely available to assist students in planning their programs, but the ultimate responsibility of meeting all requirements for the degree rests entirely with the individual student.

Students are responsible for reviewing the catalog and knowing their degree requirements. It is up to students to review their progress after each semester to ensure they are staying on track to graduate. Degree audit reports are available for students to help track their progress and to register for classes. The reports show which courses are needed to complete a specific major and what courses have been taken. Audit reports are available to students and their advisors through the student portal. Students may also request a copy from the Registrar’s Office by emailing a request to

Students who have satisfied all degree requirements are cleared academically to march in graduation. However, students must also be cleared financially and by the Student Life Office in order to participate. Financially Cleared:The Bursar’s Office has the authority to put a student on financial hold to not participate in graduation if the student owes money to the college. Student Life Office: The office can impose disciplinary action that includes forfeiture of participation in graduation ceremonies.

Students who are no more than 3 courses short of meeting graduation requirements may participate in the May graduation ceremony, if they provide a plan to complete degree requirements prior to the August graduation date. The student must specify exactly when and where he/she will take the remaining courses. If the student is taking courses somewhere other than ENC, the student must provide course descriptions and a Pre-Approval to Transfer form for evaluation of the course by the Registrar’s Office and/or department major.