Sports Management


If you have a passion for sports, Eastern Nazarene College has the major for you! Earn your degree in Sports Management and open a world of possibilities. From coaching and sports marketing to broadcasting or sports ministry, a Bachelor’s in Sports Management from Eastern Nazarene College can help you reach the career you’ve dreamed of.

The sports industry is one of the largest in the United States, and Eastern Nazarene can help you start your career in this fast-paced field. By earning a sports management credential, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to stand out, no matter the career you pursue.

From Sports Communication to Facilities Management, students within the Sports Management Major at Eastern Nazarene take courses to prepare them for the sports industry, including Principles of Management and Event Planning and Promotion. By combining course work from our Exercise and Sports Sciences Department and our Businesses Department, we’ve created a major that will prepare students for the sports career they’ve been dreaming of.

Our faculty and staff are committed to providing students not only with the best possible education but also with strong ethical and moral skills. Eastern Nazarene’s faith based courses will allow students to learn and grow, without sacrificing their beliefs.

Break into the sports industry with a Sports Management degree from Eastern Nazarene College!