A calling to ministry is a unique calling. Answer that call in a place built on faith and grounded in education.

At Eastern Nazarene, you’ll have the environment, courses and leadership to pursue your calling in a way that encourages and broadens your spiritual growth.

Students within this major will take core classes focused in biblical history, theology and ministry. By taking courses like Survey of the History of Christianity, Doctrine of Holiness and Senior Seminar students are able to expand their knowledge and gain hands on skills needed to minister in innovative, creative and effective ways.

Our small class sizes ensure that students have the opportunity for community with professors and peers, classroom discussion, faculty lead research projects, and more. At Eastern, our students are individuals, not just numbers, and our professors strive to know and help each student grow to the most of their potential.

At Eastern Nazarene, you’ll have to advantage of studying religion in a faith-based community. Students have the opportunity to grow and challenge their morals and ethics in a place that encourages and supports spiritual growth, while also learning the concepts, theories and ideas that have shaped religions and beliefs.

Answer your call to ministry with Eastern Nazarene’s Bachelor’s of Religion program – apply today!