Pursue your pharmaceutical career today with Eastern Nazarene’s Pre-Pharmacy Bachelor’s program. This preparatory course of study is designed for students with vocational goals and plans to continue study at a graduate level. Preparatory programs may be taken in conjunction with any major and represent recommended sets of courses, not majors or minors.

The Pre-Pharmacy program at Eastern prepares students to enter into many pharmacy programs across the country as well as graduate school in pharmacology and medicinal chemistry. With the sophistication and number of today’s medicines, it is even more important that pharmacists be intelligent, talented and dedicated. By combining your Eastern education with your choice of pharmacy school, you’ll be prepared educationally and ethically to succeed at your future career. Sound course work in the sciences, personal development and spiritual guidance, leads to higher ethical standards and a deep dedication which is why Eastern stresses these areas.

Begin your journey toward a pharmaceutical degree today with Eastern’s Pre-Pharmacy Bachelors program. Apply today!