Enter into the business world ready to lead and manage effectively with Eastern Nazarene’s Bachelor of Science in Management. You’ll earn the skills, knowledge and degree you need to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Students within this program enter into their careers well-rounded and well prepared. From Business Law and Global Business to Financial Management and Principles of Management, students within this program complete a variety of courses to ensure they have the knowledge and skills needed to manage those around them. Global Management, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior and other courses let students understand the mindset and communication behind this degree.

Earning your Management degree at Eastern Nazarene means you’ll graduate with the skills and knowledge you need without sacrificing your ethics or morals. Because our community is grounded in faith, Eastern’s esteemed professors will help you challenge and grow your beliefs while supporting and encouraging your spiritual growth. At Eastern Nazarene, you’ll gain the tools needed to enter into the business world and the ethics and morals to set yourself apart.

If you’re interested in earning your Bachelor’s of Management in a place where education and faith meet, apply to Eastern Nazarene today!