Earn your Bachelor’s in History in the place where American history began. At Eastern Nazarene College, students don’t just learn about history from textbooks, they explore, research and discover history in all different ways. Located just eight miles away from Boston, Massachusetts, students have the chance to explore some of the greatest pieces of American history right outside their doors.

Eastern Nazarene’s History program helps students discover and grow their history knowledge with a well-rounded curriculum, with courses like History of Science & Christianity, America in the 1960s and Special Topics in History students are able to get a full view of history. Students within this program also have the opportunity to tailor their degree to their personal preferences. By completing an independent study, students are able to work with professors to develop an intensive research project in the area of their choice.

Eastern Nazarene’s small class sizes and faith-based community help students and peers alike grow and challenge their beliefs in a place where spiritual growth is encouraged and nurtured.

Earn your Bachelor’s in History while experiencing history first-hand. Apply to Eastern Nazarene College today!