History Education


Bring together your passion for teaching with your love of history with Eastern Nazarene’s Bachelor’s in History Education. In this program, you’ll expand your knowledge of history while developing the skills needed to share that knowledge with future generations.

Located just eight miles away from Boston, Massachusetts, Eastern Nazarene is able to provide students within this program to a unique opportunity to learn about history in a hands-on way, in the place where American History began.

By creating a curriculum that helps students fully understand their field of study, Eastern Nazarene is able to prepare students for their future careers as educators. From classes such as Special topics in History and America in the 1960s to Colonial and Revolutionary America and Medieval Europe, students will complete courses to ensure they are experts in their field.

Eastern Nazarene’s small class sizes and faith-based community help students and peers alike grow and challenge their beliefs in a place where spiritual growth is encouraged and nurtured.

Earn your Bachelor’s in History Education with Eastern Nazarene and be fully prepared to follow your desire to teach future generations. Apply today!