Global Business


Earn your Global Business degree in a place where international business is constantly growing. At Eastern Nazarene College, students have the opportunity to study business just eight miles away from Boston, Massachusetts, a global hub for the business marketplace.
Not only will students within this program grow their knowledge and skills by taking courses such as Financial Management, Global Business, Business Law, Money & Banking, Global Marketing and more, but they will also have the opportunity to take advantage of the city of Boston and connections from professors who are active in their fields. Students will also have the chance to complete a capstone project, allowing them to get hands-on in their area of choice.
Studying global business at Eastern Nazarene means you’ll be able to earn your degree without sacrificing your beliefs and morals. At Eastern Nazarene you’ll be encouraged to challenge and grow your ethics, so you’ll be prepared to enter into the business world prepared to take on the challenges of the field.
Earn your Global Business degree in a place where community, faith, education and experience meet. Apply to Eastern Nazarene’s Bachelor’s of Global Business program today!