Elementary Education


Combine your love of children with your passion for teaching with Eastern Nazarene’s Elementary Education program. Designed for students seeking to teach grades first through sixth, this program will prepare students to gain initial licensure.

Helping children grow and learn in some of their most formative years, is a special skill. Gain the knowledge and understanding you need to best help them. At Eastern Nazarene, you’ll receive a thorough education without sacrificing your beliefs. As a faith-centered community, you’ll be able to grow your knowledge and skill set while also growing spiritually.

By completing courses such as Educational Psychology, Classroom Management, Child Development, Elementary Curriculum and Methods and more, students who graduate from this program are ready to share their knowledge with future generations. By partnering with local schools, Eastern Nazarene is able to provide its students with a wide array of classrooms to student teach in, therefore completing their student teaching seminar and gaining hands-on experience. Students who graduate from this program graduate with a well-balanced education and real-world experience.

Apply today to Eastern Nazarene’s Elementary Education program and get started on your education path today!

Education Program Information