Electrical Engineering


Eastern Nazarene’s Electrical Engineering degree program is designed to give students a hands-on education so they are fully prepared for their future careers.

If you’re interested in entering into the engineering field, Eastern Nazarene’s electrical engineering degree program can help you get there. By completing courses like Computer Programming, Electricity and Magnetism, Electromagnetic Theory, Embedded Systems and more, students within this program are able to expand their knowledge and grow their skills.

By keeping class sizes small, Eastern Nazarene is able to offer close community with professors and peers, in-depth class work and research opportunity. Studying electrical engineering at Eastern Nazarene means you’ll be able to gain the understanding and skills you need while also growing your spiritual life. Professors and students alike are encouraged to challenge their ideas and beliefs and grow in Christ-centered community.

If you’re looking to enter into the world of engineering, Eastern Nazarene’s Electrical Engineering program can help you get there.