Criminal Justice


Pursue your career in criminal justice with Eastern Nazarene’s Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice and earn a degree that is tailored to the career you’ve been dreaming of.

At Eastern Nazarene College students within the Criminal Justice major will complete core requirements that will grow their knowledge of the theories and psychology linked to criminal justice, criminal justice professions, public policy and their relationship to the criminal justice system, law and court procedures, and more, to ensure they fully understand the field they are entering into.

If you’re looking to tailor your Criminal Justice degree to be fully prepared for your career, you’ll have the option of choosing from the following tracks:

· General Track

· Advocacy Track

· Law Enforcement Track

· Legal Track

· Psychology & Social Relations Track

General Track:

Students who choose the general track will grow their knowledge of the criminal justice system in a well-rounded and thorough way. By taking courses such as Introduction to Crime, Law and Justice, Conflict Resolution, Criminology and Victimology and more, students will gain an in-depth understanding of criminal justice.

Advocacy Track:

This track focuses on victim, child and community advocacy. Students within this track will learn the roles and responsibilities of advocates within the judicial system, the legislative process and the community. By taking courses such as Social Psychology, Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Child Development, Adolescent Development and more. Students who graduate from this track are fully prepared for their future careers in advocacy.

Law Enforcement Track:

Students who choose this track will expand their knowledge of the criminal justice system from a law enforcement standpoint. Courses such as Human Diversity, Conflict Resolution, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Law and Justice, Policing and Investigation, Criminology and Victimology and more prepare students to enter into the Law Enforcement field prepared and knowledgeable.

Legal Track:

This track brings together criminal justice and law. By completing courses in both areas, students gain a thorough understanding of how the two systems work together. Students within this track complete courses like Advocacy, Critical Thinking and Logic, Advocacy and Criminology and Victimology to ensure they gain the skills and knowledge needed to pursue their careers.

Psychology & Social Relations Track:

This track combines criminal justice and the psychology and social relations around it. This track is designed for students to gain a solid understanding of both criminal justice and psychology and social relations. Students within this track will complete courses such as Criminology and Victimology, Law, Courts and Procedures, Social Psychology and Abnormal Psychology and more so they may gain a well-rounded view of criminal justice, psychology and social relations.