Computer Science


The computer and information technology field is constantly growing. Earn the skills and knowledge you need to enter into your career in Computer Science fully prepared with Eastern Nazarene’s Bachelors in Computer Science program.

Within this program, you’ll learn programming, data telecommunications, structures and algorithms and more. Students within this major take courses such as InDesign, JavaScript programming, robotics labs so they are well-rounded and well-prepared for their futures in computer science.

At Eastern Nazarene, you’ll be able to take full advantage of our Computer Science program. By keeping our class sizes small, students have the opportunity for one-on-one attention, hands-on experience and group projects.

Within the Computer Science program, students will complete a Senior Design Project and Presentation, to demonstrate their knowledge gained and skills earned.

If you’re ready to enter into the world of computers and technology and take advantage of a growing industry, apply today for Eastern Nazarene’s Computer Science program.