Computer Engineering


Computer Engineering is where mathematics and technology meet. At Eastern Nazarene College, you’ll receive a well-rounded education focusing in on the skills and knowledge needed as a computer engineer.

From robotics and design to physics and calculus, students within this program study a wide array of areas in order to ensure they have the skills they need to reach the futures they want. Within Eastern Nazarene’s Computer Engineering degree, students complete courses such as Applied Programming, Embedded Systems, Microcomputer Interfacing, Circuit Theory and more, so they not only gain the knowledge they need but also the hands-on experience as well.

Our small class sizes allow students the opportunity for individualized attention and the opportunity for a close community with both professors and peers.

Earning your degree in a faith-based community means gaining the knowledge and skills you need without sacrificing your morals. Eastern Nazarene’s professors and staff are committed to the success of the students – both academically and spiritually.

Earn your degree in Computer Engineering in a place where you can truly grow and gain experience. Apply today for Eastern Nazarene’s Computer Engineering program.