At Eastern Nazarene, studying Chemistry means opening up a world of knowledge and opportunity.

From General Chemistry Labs to Instrumental Analysis, students within Eastern Nazarene’s Bachelor’s in Chemistry program will have a wide array of courses designed to fully prepare them for their future careers. Students within this program will also be able to tailor their degree based on their personal preferences and professional goals. With over 20 chemistry elective courses, you’ll be able create the degree you need for your future.

Located just miles from Boston, Massachusetts, Eastern Nazarene allows students to take advantage of this industrious and international meeting spot. Students have had the opportunity to conduct research at schools like Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, Boston College and more.

Eastern Nazarene College is committed to helping students make the most of their education and careers, by giving students access to a wide network for internships and career opportunities. Eastern Nazarene works hard to give students real hands-on experience.

Earn your Bachelor’s in Chemistry where knowledge, skills, faith and opportunity come together. Apply today at Eastern Nazarene College.