Arroyo, George Jr
Instructor – Exercise and Sport Sciences
Artinian, Zareh MacPherson 
Part Time Visiting Instructor – Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts
Barker, Rev. Jeffrey 
Adjunct Professor – Religion and Philosophy
Barker, Dr. Stacey 
Professor (Department Chair/Program Director) – Social Work
Bell, Mark 
Instructor, Head Men’s Soccer Coach – Exercise and Sport Sciences
Bishop, Dani 
Instructor, Head Softball Coach  – Exercise and Sport Sciences
Burt, Sheryl 
Instructor – Biology
Instructor – Chemistry
Cameron, Dr. James R 
Professor Emeritus – History
Clark, Ashley 
Visiting Instructor – Social Work
Coleman, Sean 
Adjunct Professor Law & Government – History
Cornely, Dr. Pierre-Richard 
Chair Science and Technology Division
Professor (Department Chair) – Physics and Engineering
Professor (Department Chair) – Computer Science
Daniell Jr, Dr. Robert E 
Adjunct Professor – Physics and Engineering Department
Danton, Jean 
Adjunct Professor – Applied Voice – Music
Detwiler, Dr. Nancy 
Professor emeritus – Exercise and Sport Sciences
Doane, Tennyson
Assistant Professor – Biology & Chemistry
Fish, Dr. Richard A. 
Professor Emeritus – Psychology and Crime, Law, and Justice
Flaherty, Stephanie 
Instructor (Field Education Director) – Social Work
Free, Dr. John U. 
Professor emeritus – Mathematics
Professor emeritus – Physics
Fries, Dr. Marcus 
Associate Professor, Dept. Chair – Mathematics
Hall, Dr. Lowell H. 
Professor Emeritus – Chemistry
Hammerstrom, Dr. LeRoy 
Professor – Mathematics
Harrison Esq., Thomas 
Pre-Law Director – History
Henck, Dr. Karen 
Associate Professor – Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts
Holt, Michael 
Assistant Professor – Business
Kim, Chaerin 
Adjunct Professor – Applied Harp – Music
Konert, Kameron
Instructor – Exercise and Sport Sciences
Krejci-Papa, Dr. Marianna 
Associate Professor – Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts
LaFountain, Rev. Dr. Philip 
Associate Professor of Theology – Religion and Philosophy
Lanham, Dr. Janet 
Professor – Psychology and Crime, Law and Justice
Lanham, Jonathan 
Adjunct Professor – Social Work
Latouche, Yvanne M.
Assistant Professor – Crime, Law and Justice
Leite, Dr. Paulo 
Assistant Professor – Psychology and Crime, Law and Justice
Macko, Dr. Jill A. 
Assistant Professor – Physics and Engineering
Malas, Rev. Dr. William 
Chair Religion Department
Professor of Biblical Literature – Religion and Philosophy
Malas, William 
Adjunct Professor – Physics and Engineering
Massey, Dr. Brian 
Associate Professor – Psychology and Crime, Law and Justice
McCoy Ph.D., Dr. William 
Associate Professor, Department Chair – History
Millican, Dr. Brady
Professor Emeritus, Artist in Residence – Music
Mueller-Bell, Catherine
Associate Professor – Psychology
Murphy, Robert
Assistant Professor – Business
O’Sullivan, Tracy 
Adjunct Professor – Music Education – Music
Patacchiola, Lisa 
Adjunct Professor – Engineering
Polsgrove, Scott 
Instructor – Exercise and Sport Sciences
Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Pruitt, Nicholas T.
Assistant Professor – History
Purpura, Robert 
Assistant Professor – Education
Ranstrom, Dr. Lorne 
Associate Professor – Education
Restrick, Rev. Dr. David W 
Assistant Professor – Religion and Philosophy
Robinson, Dr. Caleb 
Assistant Professor – Biology
Santimano, Sacha 
Instructor – Exercise and Sport Sciences
Head Women’s Basketball Coach –
Sawtelle, Rev. Andrea 
Adjunct Professor – Religion and Philosophy
Scheuer, Dr. Henrik 
Adjunct Professor – Physics and Engineering
Schow, Victoria
Assistant Professor – Psychology
Scott, Rev. Jeremy 
Adjunct Professor – Religion and Philosophy
Shetler, Dr. Timothy J. 
Associate Professor – Music
Smith, Dr. Kevin 
Associate Professor – Music
Tegerstrand, Rev. Prof. Julene 
Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies – Religion and Philosophy
Thomas, Rev. Matthew 
Adjunct Professor – Religion and Philosophy
Trant, Aaron 
Adjunct Professor – Percussion – Music
Twining, Jonathan E. 
Assistant Professor – Biology
Waterman, Dr. Matthew J. 
Professor – Biology
Professor – Chemistry
Watkins, Tara Brooke 
Part Time Visiting Professor – Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts
Williams, Dr. Joseph 
Professor – Chemistry
Yerxa, Dr. Donald A 
Professor Emeritus – History
Zarges, Brad 
Director of Athletics – Exercise and Sport Sciences
Instructor – Exercise and Sport Sciences