Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Studies

To contract a course for honors credit, fill out the online Petition for Contracting a Course for Honors Credit and submit it to the Center for Academic Success located in the Learning Commons (Nease Library) for review by the Honors Scholar Society Committee.

The following courses are designated as honors. Contact your academic advisor or email honors@enc.edu for more information about enrolling in one of the following courses:

IS199 Contemporary Questions (3 cr.) This seminar is an introduction to interdisciplinary investigation, framed around a series of open-ended questions of significance to the world today. While the particular topics of investigation will vary according to the specialty of the instructor, the issues raised will be explored in a non-dogmatic way, emphasizing intellectual rigor rather than particular conclusions. Class discussions will identify, understand, and appreciate diversity of perspectives. Instructor permission required. Freshman honors course. May replace CP290 East Meets West.

IS299 Boston Lectures Seminar (1.5 cr.)
 In this interdisciplinary seminar a select group of Honors students take advantage of the wealth of academic and cultural opportunities in the Greater Boston area by attending events and public lectures in the company of an ENC faculty member with expertise relevant to the event/lecture. The students will gather afterward for coffee or a meal for discussion stimulated by the event/lecture.

CP350H Honors World Religions (3 cr.) This Cultural Perspectives (CP) course is a study of the historical understandings and practices of the major belief systems of the world, such as: animism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and secondary groups that have developed from them.

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