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Undergraduate Studies

Academic Symposium 2016

Academic Symposium 2016 – April 13-14

Established in 2012, the Academic Symposium celebrates the intellectual mission of Eastern Nazarene College. Sponsored by the Provost and the Honors Scholar Program, the Academic Symposium provides opportunities for students and faculty to share their research with the entire ENC community. It has become the College’s premiere academic event.

The Provost and Honors Scholar Program
presents the fourth annual

Academic Symposium – April 13 and 14, 2016

Wednesday – April 13

6:00pm – Ruth Cameron Auditorium

Dr. Susan Felch, Ph.D., Professor
Director: Center for Christian Scholarship
     Preparing a Feast: “Christian Higher Education to Renew Minds, Shape Lives, and Transform Culture” 
     Chair: Dr. Susan Felch
Department of English
Calvin College
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Thursday – April 14

Symposium Talks (180 Minutes)

9:00am-noon – Session I – Ruth Cameron Auditorium
Devotional (20min) 
JD Brenke
Office of Spiritual Development
Eastern Nazarene College

Gould Lecture Series (25min)
The close relationship between holiness and Justice in the Bible
Dr. Andy Johnson
Professor of New Testament
Nazarene Theological Seminary

Social Justice Taskforce Presentation (45min)
Dr. Stacey L. Barker 
Professor/Program Director
Social Work Department

The Containment Generation: New ideas in Policy and thinking (20min) 
Lillian McPherson

Western beliefs about Veiling and Female Leadership (20min) 
Elise Kaitlyn Moran

Exploring Daughters of Bilitis, The Boston Intercollegiate Lesbian and Gay Alliance, and Lesbian Avengers to create an understanding of the Boston LGBTQ community (20min) 
Hannah Pepper

The evolution of Women’s history in the United States (20min)
Emily Morin

Connection between the success of American Propaganda and success of the American Comic Book Industry the Second World War (15min) 
Alexander Thomas Martel

Symposium Talks (120 Minutes)

1:00pm-3:00pm – Session II – Ruth Cameron Auditorium
ENC & the Liberal Arts Tradition (45 min) 
Dr. William McCoy 
Associate Professor
Department Chair
History Department

The effects of human persecution on Venomous snakes (20min)
Cindy Hazelton

The Global problem of Snake Bites as a Public Health issue (20min)
Shalomy Matthew

Cardiac Rehabilitation Improves Coronary Blood Flow in African-American Patients with a History of Coronary Artery Disease (15min)
Jennifer Glen

Neat Electrochemical Synthesis of Poly (3, 4-Ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) (15 min)
Carly Byron

Break 15 Minutes

Symposium Talks (90 Minutes)

3:30pm-5:00pm – Session III – Ruth Cameron Auditorium
Title: “Sharing Stores of Nature: Vernal Pools and Rainforests”  
Video1: Vernal Pools (15min) 
Video2: Costa Rican Rain Forest (15 min)
Jonathan Twining 
Assistant Professor
Biology Department

Stabilizing the blood sugar level in the human body, without self-injection (20 min)
Andrew Hudson

Advanced liquid cooling solution for mobile devices (20 min)
Jonathan Lee

Sustainable and Renewable energy Traffic Light For used in remote cities (20 min)
Rickey Crepin

Symposium Closing Ceremonies

5:00pm-5:30pm – Session IV – Ruth Cameron Auditorium
Closing Speech (10 min)
Dr Timothy Wooster

Devotional (20min)
JD Brenke
Office of Spiritual Development
Eastern Nazarene College

10:00am-Noon – Nease Library

Novel method for stabilizing the blood sugar level in the human body, for patient with Type 1 diabetes, without self-injection of insulin and in near real time
Andrew Hudson

Advanced Liquid Cooling Solution for Mobile Devices
Jonathan Lee

Sustainable and Renewable energy Traffic Light for used cities far enough away from a grid system and in many underdeveloped countries in the world
Rickey Crepin

Rechargeable Hearing Aid
Sam Doody

The impact of Concussion
Steven Drew Lester

Exploring Mathematical Modeling capabilities and differences between the Fourier and Wavelet Transforms when applied to medical imaging
Joshua Lojzim

An online collection for public use, using photos of ENC’s campus to document the physical story of ENC’s buildings and how the campus has changed over the years
Hannah Pepper

Is cardiac rehabilitation an effective program to improve coronary blood flow in African-American patients with a history of coronary artery disease
Jennifer Glen

An HR Manager’s Toolkit for an Expat in Scotland
Mikayla Birnsteil

ENC Colloquium I

11:00am-12:30pm – Shrader Lecture Hall
Panel Title: “Our research in 15 minutes”
Chair: Dr. Carrie Read Spray
Chair: Dr. Marcus Fries

The Science Division colloquium will provide an opportunity for the ENC community to be informed about the faculty’s current and future research interests.

Title: The Grassmannian: Algebra and Geometry 
Dr. Marcus Fries 
Associate Professor
Department Chair
Mathematics Department

Dr. Matthew Waterman
Title: Chromatin Interaction Mapping Using Next Generation Sequencing
Associate Professor
Science Division Chair
Biology Department

ENC Colloquium II

2:00pm-3:30pm – Faculty Lounge
Panel Title: “A Social Justice Framework for ENC” 
Chair: Dr. Stacey L. Barker
Professor/Program Director
Social Work Department

Presentation: The goal of this session is to review the purpose of the Social Justice Task Force and the timeline of the group’s work including the types and levels of input from constituents. The session will culminate in the presentation of a specific framework for social justice that can guide our focus at ENC.

Follow up Session: The goal of this session is to allow participants the opportunity to provide input into the implementation of the social justice framework presented in the morning session. We will try to address the question: “Who is my Neighbor?”

ENC Colloquium III

1:00pm-2:30pm – Religion Department
Panel Title: “Gould Lecture Series Discussions” 
Chair: Dr. Philip LaFountain

What Do the Two Witnesses Have to Do with the Millennium?: Divine Justice in the Book of Revelation Dr. Andy Johnson will continue his emphasis on the close relationship between holiness and justice in the Bible. Drawing on the eschatological images from the book of Revelation. Dr. Johnson will discuss the expectation of the culmination of the Kingdom in light of human flourishing and well-being.

ENC Colloquium IV

11:00am-12:00pm – Nease Library
Panel Title: “From Paper to Stage: Ideation, Design, and Creation for the Caribbean world of Ti-Jean and His Brothers” 
Chair: Michael W. Ballard
Associate Professor
Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts Department
Division Chair (Department Chair)

Co-Chair: Susan Watkins 
Director of Library Services

Co-Chair: Erin McCoy 
Reference, Instruction Librarian & Electronic Resources

In the Fall 2015 semester, ENC students explored the tools, methods and materials used behind the scenes in theatrical production in  a tech theatre course. The final outcome of this course was on display during the winter play “Ti-Jean and His Brothers” performed in February.

The students will explain the process of understanding the world of the play and how to realize the different elements of the set in their vision and creation of it. Some set pieces will be on display all week at the Nease Library to give attendees an up close view of the props and set pieces created. Hosted in cooperation with Annual Arts Week at Nease Library

ENC Colloquium V

3:45pm-5:00pm – Faculty Lounge
Panel Title: “General Education Committee’s open panel discussion with the ENC community”
Chair: Dr. William McCoy
Associate Professor
Department Chair
History Department

Presentation: The General Education Committee will bring to the community a report on its activities for the year and a proposal for the future. In the report, we envision accomplishing several things, including offering language to describe the distinctive qualities of a Liberal Arts education at ENC, clarifying how our current model of General Education seeks to shape our students, and finally, to propose changes that are needed to improve the delivery of this vision of the Liberal Arts in the future

Follow up Session:
The goal of this session is to have an open forum for faculty, staff, and students to discuss the proposals we have made in the presentation and to offer their feedback.


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