Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Studies

Academic Symposium 2013

Academic Symposium 2013 – April 15-16

Presenter Topic
Keynote Address Professor Eric Severson – Religion and Philosophy The Holiness of Shattered Integrity: Reconsidering Christian Excellence
Presentation and Discussion Susan Watkins and Erin McCoy – Nease Library An Introduction to Open Access: Implications for ENC

Poster Presentations

Payne Ford (13) PID-Controlled Solar Tracker
Michael O’Brien (13) Analyzing Anomalies in the Ionosphere above Haiti Surrounding the 2010 Earthquake

Joe Hammerstrom (14) TEC Data Variations & Correlation with Seismic Activity over Japan

Mixi Lopez (13) Rehearsal and Prospective Memory
Brenna Campbell (14) and Sarah Shute Learning Commons Assessment

Thao Vu (14) Forming Perceptions of Creativity: A Question of Bias
Ketura Moise (14) The Bystander Effect: Consequences of Affiliation between the Victim and Bystander
How to Be a Better Thinker: Three Posters Applying Cognitive Psychology to the Life of a Student

John Keller (13) Optimizing Cross-Correlation on Graphics Processing Units in Radio Astronomy with Gauss’ Complex Multiplication Algorithm

Symposium Talks Katelyn Brinegar (14) and Ryan Piesco (14) Going Green: Analysis and Recommendations for Environmental Conservation Practices at ENC
Professor Jonathan E. Twining – Biology Beside Still Waters: The Ecology of Vernal Pools
Ryan Piesco (14) Financial Advising on Charitable Organizations
Dr. Pierre-Richard J. Cornely – Physics and Engineering Earthquake Prediction Proof of Concept Study from Detection Electromagnetic Emissions Transmitted from Earthquake Regions (DEMETER) Satellite Data

Michelle Lombardi Quincy Crisis Center Leadership Project
Austin Steelman (13) The Grand Ole Opry vs. The National Barn Dance
Dr. Brian Massey – Psychology, Dr. Nancy Ross – Psychology, Timothy Luz, Morgan Goodney (13), Thao Vu (14), and Ian Parnaby Where Did You Hear That? Rumors and Risk-Taking in Adult College Students
Professor Tara Brooke Watkins – Theatre From Page to Stage: August Strindberg’s Religious Struggle in Pariah Theatre Company’s “Or Dreaming…”

Sam Son Something New About Caffeine That Sparkles and Is Not Brown
Dr. Ben Cater – History Public Health Policy as a Social Injustice: A Progressive Era Example
Dr. Donald Yerxa – History Religion and Innovation in Human Affairs

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