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Eastern Nazarene College is committed to promoting good health and meeting the medical needs of its students. An appropriate health insurance plan is critical in providing peace of mind knowing that students have access to comprehensive health care to receive the services they need in the event of a sickness or injury. It is also necessary to facilitate compliance with Massachusetts state law.

All students who are registered in semester length courses, with an enrollment status of at least ¾ time, are required to participate in the ENC sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan unless they submit a waiver that demonstrates that they are covered by a United States based or Embassy sponsored insurance plan with coverage equal to or better than the ENC sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan. International insurance plans, travel insurance plans such as ISO, Tokio Marine, and International Medical Group, and plans not fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act are not deemed comparable.

You need to identify whether you will be enrolling in the Student Health Insurance Plan or will be keeping your own health insurance. If you wish to waive out of the Student Health Insurance Plan, you are responsible to determine that your insurance plan includes coverage that allows you to be seen in a doctor’s office in the area, reasonably nearby the ENC campus and that it is equal to or better than the Student Health Insurance Plan. An insurance plan whose coverage in the Quincy area is limited to treatment at an Urgent Care Center or an Emergency Room is not acceptable coverage. If you live outside of Massachusetts, it is highly recommended that you call member services for your insurance provider and ask about your coverage in this area before you waive the insurance.

Once you have evaluated your insurance options, you need to either Enroll in or Waive the Student Health Insurance Plan every year through University Health Plans, Inc.  A waiver may be reviewed by Eastern Nazarene College to verify coverage. During the review, if your insurance company indicates that your coverage is not equal to or better than the ENC sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan, your waiver will be denied. This assessment may include but is not limited to mental health care coverage, compliance with the Affordable Care Act, and whether you can be seen by a doctor reasonably accessible in the Quincy area.  If a waiver is denied at any time, you will automatically be enrolled in and billed for the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Please visit University Health Plans, Inc. for information about the Eastern Nazarene College Student Health Insurance Plan including links to the enrollment and waiver forms. This site also includes voluntary Dental and Vision Plans.


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