Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Studies

Tips for Adjusting to College

It takes some time to settle in to your college routine. Allow some time before you start feeling comfortable. Missing your family, friends and the predictable is normal.

College will be different from your campus visits because you are now a student and no longer a visitor. As a visitor, you didn’t need to manage your time, read 3 chapters in each class and figure out how you are going to get your paper in on time tomorrow.

Participate in activities of interest and also those that might be a stretch. This will help you meet different people, have fun, and possibly help in determining what some of your interests are from a career and extracurricular activities perspective.

It takes time to develop friendships. Some happen quickly but good friendships take time to develop. Enjoy this process of learning more about others and sharing life together.

Be sure to plan out your time for classes, study, work, and play! Time management can be learned! Buy a weekly planner or see the Center for Academic Success (CAS) on the 3rd floor of Gardner Administration building for useful tools. Schedule things that need to be in the schedule and then look at the time you get to manage i.e.study time, working out, free time, etc. Certainly be flexible with this as it benefits you.

Talk to your professor if you are struggling with a class. They might be able to refer you to resources that would be helpful and come up with a strategy that might help!

If you find that you are struggling with an issue and it is impacting your satisfaction with life, it is best to deal with it sooner rather than later. Talk to a friend/confidant, pastor, chaplain, RA/RD, or a Brickley counseling staff member. Do not let this impact you negatively throughout the semester as it can pull down your grades or cause disruption to your relationships.

Nourish your mind, body and soul! Take care of yourself. Be sure to study hard, exercise, eat well, get your rest and experience God’s presence throughout your day.

Get some sleep! Loss of sleep can affect your ability to do well in your studies and leave you vulnerable to illness.

Finally, it is more than ok to ask for help! It has been said that this is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of wisdom. There are experienced professionals who want you to succeed at Eastern Nazarene. The services that are available to you are located in Student Life, Chaplain’s Office, Center for Academic Services, and the Brickley Center for Counseling, Career, and Health Services.

May you experience God’s presence and blessing as you adjust to college life at ENC! We wish you the very best!

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