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The Internship is considered a career-driven transitory pre-professional, paid or unpaid, preparation for work beyond the classroom.  This can be accomplished in the context of a major area of study or General Education core, and may include elements of service learning, providing 1-15 credits of experience (1 credit hour = 35 contact hours minimum) or may be taken for non-credit.  Departments may set parameters per semester for credit hour allowance minimums to meet their curricular needs.  The Internship may be completed sophomore, junior or senior year or summer in between; resulting in Pass/Fail or letter grade as defined by the individual department signing off on the internship.  A Working Portfolio assessment is required; other assessment may be required by the individual department.  If internship is taken for credit, the individual department signing off on Internship may set additional standards. There is an internship fee attached to any internship, regardless of the number of credits a student receives. However, the fee does change depending on the total number of credits requested.

Please Note:
Students will NOT receive internship credit if the application forms have not been completed and submitted to the registrar by the Brickley Center.  Students MUST complete the internship application materials BEFORE starting an internship.

Program Information

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A resume is required as part of internship application.

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