Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Studies

Tethered – Summer Ministry Teams 2019


June 23-28: Philadelphia Teen Camp (PA)

June 30: Petersburg Church of the Nazarene (PA)

July 1-7: Mid Atlantic Family Camp (PA)

July 9-16: Nazarene Youth Conference (AZ)

July 16-22: Winchester Church of the Nazarene (VA)

July 22-26: Mid Atlantic Teen Camp (PA)

July 26-Aug 2: Somerset Beach Camp (MI)

Aug 4: Owego Church of the Nazarene (NY)

Aug 5-10: Upstate Teen Camp (NY)

Aug 11-15: New England Teen Camp (ME)


Brendan Bollinger

Elizangela Decarvalho

Joanna Mohnkern

Nathan Kindt

Paul Chong

Sarah Moschini

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